FRM clients Pro-Day

As the NFL Draft approaches, the spotlight intensifies on college football’s most promising talents. Pro Days have become a crucial platform for these athletes to exhibit their skills, refine their techniques, and leave a lasting impression on scouts and coaches. Let’s take a closer look at some standout performers from this year’s Pro Day circuit:

Anthony Gould

Wide Receiver – Oregon State University (March 11th)

Anthony Gould, the dynamic Wide Receiver from Oregon State University, continued to turn heads with his remarkable athleticism and precision route running at his Pro Day on March 11th. Building on his impressive showing at the combine, Gould showcased his speed, agility, and sure-handedness, leaving scouts buzzing about his potential impact at the next level.

Demetrius Ford

Defensive Back – Arizona State University (March 13th)

Hailing from Miami and with a decorated collegiate career at Arizona State University, Demetrius Ford, affectionately known as Dee Ford, put on a clinic at his Pro Day on March 13th. His combination of physicality, ball-hawking skills, and football IQ reaffirmed his status as a top-tier defensive back prospect in this year’s draft class.

Edgerrin Cooper

Linebacker – Texas A&M University (March 19th)

Regarded as the premier Inside Linebacker in the draft, Edgerrin Cooper left no doubt about his capabilities at his Pro Day on March 19th. With a relentless motor, exceptional instincts, and a knack for making impactful plays, Cooper solidified his standing as a coveted defensive asset for NFL teams seeking a game-changer in the heart of their defense.

Frank Gore Jr.

Running Back – University of Southern Mississippi (March 25th)

Carrying the weight of a legendary NFL surname, Frank Gore Jr., son of the iconic Frank Gore, is poised to make his mark at his Pro Day on March 25th. With a blend of power, elusiveness, and vision reminiscent of his father’s playing style, Gore Jr. aims to carve out his own legacy in the NFL, starting with a standout performance on Pro Day.

Gilbert Frierson

Linebacker – University of Louisville (March 26th)

Another Miami native, Gilbert Frierson, is primed to showcase his versatility and playmaking ability at his Pro Day on March 26th. With a rare combination of speed, athleticism, and football IQ, Frierson is set to captivate NFL scouts and decision-makers, positioning himself as a valuable asset in today’s fast-paced, high-stakes game.

Myles Cole

Defensive End – Texas Tech University (March 29th)

Myles Cole, the explosive Defensive End from Texas Tech University, is gearing up to unleash his pass-rushing prowess at his Pro Day on March 29th. With a lightning-quick first step, brute strength, and a relentless pursuit of the quarterback, Cole is poised to make a compelling case for his place among the elite edge rushers in this year’s draft class.

Jonah Ellis

Edge Rusher – University of Utah (April 8th) Personal Pro-Day

Closing out the Pro Day circuit with a personal showcase on April 8th, Jonah Ellis aims to leave an indelible mark on NFL scouts and executives. With a pedigree rooted in football excellence and a relentless work ethic, Ellis is determined to carry on his family’s legacy while forging his own path to success in professional football.

As these talented prospects take center stage at their respective Pro Days, the NFL landscape awaits with bated breath, eager to witness the next generation of stars emerge and redefine the game. With their dreams within reach and destiny in their hands, these athletes are poised to seize the moment and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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