our commitment

FRM is a family. We advocate for you, defend you, support you, and celebrate with you.
We succeed together. We win together.

There’s plenty to learn about having a successful career. We understand not all athletes are entertainers, speakers, or social media gurus. That’s why we train and prepare you for each step of this journey - so you feel confident and prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.

Our commitment

We think about your future. When the day comes you want to hang up the gloves, we’ll have helped prepare you for whatever comes next.

Once you join our family, we’re in it together. For as long as you’re committed to us, we’re committed to you and your success.


Our FRM family is the pride of our organization.
From our ownership and management team to our athletes and everyone in between, we treat each other with respect and dignity.

Our goal is to uplift and carry one another toward success, because winning is so much sweeter when we win together.

This community works hard, aims for success, and brings our best every single day. If you want to be part of an organization that focuses on winning together, FRM is the best place for you.

Full-Service Career Management

We are committed to being your full-service provider of every service you need throughout your career. Here are some of the services we provide to ensure you feel supported and successful.

Contract Negotiation

Our owners are approaching 2 decades worth of experience negotiating unprecedented deals for many of our clients. We have secured millions of dollars in negotiations and don’t stop until we are sure we’ve helped our clients reach their highest potential value. We’re respected in our industry and are highly trusted among sports authorities and teams.

PR &

We fully represent you and will speak on your behalf and in your favor, whenever necessary. We provide you with resources to be successful in every area of your career, including PR training and creative services for media promotions. You’ll be ready for in-person interviews and on-camera appearances, and have a complete bank of creative assets for sponsorship opportunities.


Your career doesn’t end when the match is over. Our agency is committed to finding you the best endorsement deals, marketing contracts, brand representation, and advertisement and influencer deals with major global brands.

Personal Brand

Who you are and what you represent will always play an important role in your public career. Our creative team, our publicists, and our management will help you craft an authentic personal brand, media assets, and brand voice so you can stay original while you grow as a public figure.


We provide the highest level training opportunities to our athletes, both during and off-season. We have top-level trainers and pro athletes who design programs and opportunities for you to receive elite condition using the latest equipment and world-class facilities.

Family Care & Transition Support

We know that athletic careers have a significant impact on an athlete’s family. We provide support as families are changing cities and finding new homes and communities, and navigating the balance between career and home life.

Legal Services

All athletic-related legal services, contracts, and documents will be handled by our team with complete transparency. We aim to provide you with all necessary information without burdening you with navigating lawyers and paperwork.

What makes us different?

Media Training

Not all of our clients and athletes have been blessed with a media personality, but successful personal appearances can be a crucial component in our clients’ public relations strategy.

FRM’s media training prepares our talent for memorable public appearances and helps develop the skills to speak with confidence and passion so you have an impactful voice in the media space.

Further, on your behalf, FRM develops thoughtful messaging which can include press releases, fact sheets, bios, your personal web portal, and talking points for you if needed.

Creative Services

FRM offers a full suite of creative services to help with promotion and personal branding. End-to-end photography and videography services are included in our contracts, and encompass creative ideation, film, editing, distribution, and promotion. We are your full-service creative media service, so you never need to work with an independent promotional team.

Strategic Alliances

FRM’s concierge influencer program and our commitment to industry partnerships allows us to build newsworthy alliances with many corporate brands. We seek meaningful and profitable opportunities to partner with brands, public figures, and companies that allow us to expand into new markets, reinforce our brand relevance, and elevate our clients’ earning potential through exposure or revenue.

NFL Draft Preparation

At FRM, we have strategically developed a program to prepare our athletes for key draft-day events and media opportunities. Some of these include NFL Combine preparation, collegiate all-star game prep, Pro Day preparation, and individual workouts and interviews with teams.

We win the most when we give back

Our organization exists to help other people succeed, and that success allows us to be generous and philanthropic.

We’ve generously contributed to nation-wide organizations that allow Americans to live safer, healthier lives. Our commitment to donate a portion of our revenue is a definer of success for our organization. We value our unique position to financially contribute to charities across our country, and to provide opportunities for our athletes to use their influence to do the same.

We further commit to contributing to local community organizations in our hometown of Miami-Dade, Florida. We realize that there are people who need care and compassion, and we want to do our part to support worthwhile causes here in our city.

FRM commits a percentage of each year’s earnings to charities like Tunnels to Towers, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, Sick Kids Foundation, Miami-Dade College Foundation, Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, and others. We develop programs for our athletes to participate in similar efforts through give-back programs, special appearances, and charity events.

Ambassador & Influencer Program

Elevate Your Career With Brands You Trust

Working with brands is an important role. You have the privilege of inspiring consumers to purchase products that can add value to their lives. Wondering what kinds of products you might promote? Our influencers have promoted sporting goods, clothing items, beauty products, supplements, and even hotels and restaurants.

Brand partnerships are also lucrative. Partnering with a company is a proven way to generate additional income and receive complimentary products and experiences, while using your platform to help your followers make better consumer decisions.

Our commitment to a successful and meaningful influencer program is one more reason to join the FRM family.

For Athletes

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The FRM Ambassador and Influencer Program gives you the opportunity to leverage your social media profiles to promote brands you believe in. We don’t want to assign you products to peddle. We want to learn about your lifestyle and seek out products and brand that you want to recommend to your followers.

As part of our influencer program, we work with athletes to design a personalized swag shop, housed on their dedicated athlete portals within our website. You’ll have the opportunity to sell your goods without setting up a shop or working with third-party retailers. Memorabilia auctions, giveaways, and promotions give you the upper hand when marketing your personal brand to your fans.

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For Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

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You don’t have to be an athlete to be represented by FRM. We represent influencers, musicians, and other notable public figures. Want to launch your influencer career? Looking to take your public influence to the next level? Our account managers don’t hand you products to promote. We help you curate a career.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will develop a strategy to work with brands that fit your target audience and personal preferences. Want to promote your own branded merchandise? You’ll have a dedicated portal within our website to sell your goods without the hassle of production, stock management, or third-party websites.

For established influencers, see how FRM can help you negotiate better deals with bigger companies. We want to see you win.

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What You’ll Get

Dedicated account concierge

Curated program of products and services to promote

Complete personality profile and inventory to match you with the best brands for your lifestyle

Opportunities to work beyond social media (appearances, speaking engagements, fundraisers, meet & greets, etc)

Personally branded content and products

Long-term brand partnerships

Contract writing and negotiation services

Online store management

Access to our team of influencer specialists

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Opportunities to be part of FRM’s Brand Ambassador and Influencer Program are currently open.

To speak to our concierge, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

Not sure if you qualify? No matter how big or small your current reach is, we will review your potential and be in touch. If you do not currently qualify for our program, we will explain why, and invite you to reapply in the future.

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Life after the contract

You’ve seen athletes transition to retirement into roles like managers, commentators, brand representatives, and agents. This isn’t by chance. Successful career transitions are architectured. With proper alignment, exposure, and training during your pro career, you have a significantly higher chance of a successful transition. We lead the nation in assisting our clients with maintaining a structured and sound lifestyle after retirement. Let’s talk about your goals and begin creating a plan.

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